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First Visit: On your first visit, we will sit down together for a consultation and health history.  If what you are looking for seems like something I can help you with, we will perform an examination including a postural examination and specific spinal exam, including any relevant physical tests. Allow about an hour for the first visit. 

If it seems that x-rays or other testing will help determine a diagnosis, I will give you my recommendation and we can discuss your options.  X-rays are often necessary, and I usually refer to Memorial Imaging Center for them.

If it seems safe to adjust you to begin the healing process, you may be adjusted on that first visit.

Second visit: Usually on the second visit we will review what we discovered on the first visit, and I will give you various recommendations consistent with what you told me you are seeking.  You can decide which if any recommendations you might like to participate in.  Allow half an hour or so for this visit.

Follow up visits/adjustments: Regular visits after the first two usually consist of adjustments, as well as health topics/information specific you the person.  These visits usually take 10-15 minutes. 

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